Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ha! and you thought we'd dropped off the face of the earth - right?!

So - what can I say - this time?! Busy - well sure but we're all busy - aren't we? Not really an excuse. I could come up with a huge list of reasons as to why there hasn't been a post since - well, let me check - August 15th! Yikes!

All I can say is that I have had to do or have found 1000 other things to occupy my time.

I've also hardly had our camera out - although lots goes on each day - at the Park the days seem to be quite repetitive and fly by at an amazing rate. Really - I can't believe it is September 30th today. Exactly where did the month go anyway?

So - here's where it went in the pictures I do have.

With the end of August brought essentially the end of the camping season here at the Park. Sadly, we lost Landon early since he had to head home to Saskatchewan to attend University. We gathered for a photo of 'Team Fintry' a few days before he left. Other employees - came - and left - but our group of five is what made this Park run this summer. 
From left to right - Avalon, Derek, Cassia, me, Landon and Britt. As I mentioned on facebook, these three employees were amazing - amazing people and now good friends. 
Our nice formal pose.....

And our - less formal - pose.

Later we had a farewell dinner slash early Birthday party for Landon on our lovely veranda. Cas took this picture for us.....

Landon and Cassia were great buddies this summer ......

Our garden was going strong throughout the month. It has definitely gone down hill lately with the cool nights. Here is our very tall sunflower. We thought the others were large until this one came along. We're not sure of it's height - we'll have to wait until we can cut it down and lay it out. 

Derek showing off it's thickness - and his tan....

Our spaghetti squash - funny - we just had the first one at dinner tonight.

And our ornamental pumpkin patch pretty much took over the garden. 
We ended up having so many tomatoes that I was sick of eating them - and I LOVE tomatoes!

One of Cassia and Derek's favourite pastimes throughout the summer and even now....

The last few days have been pretty nice and warm but early September was cool. This was taken on one of our first walks together as a family in about three months. 

We get a good work out going to the water tank. 

Interesting to see that the campers have been creating inukshuks along the road way.

A much different landscape then in the spring with the green hayfield. We were able to keep the group site shown in the left corner green all summer due to the irrigation system.

Cas doing a dance on the way home.

Cassia and I have managed to do all sorts of baking lately which is super fun. I love fall baking. 

While Cassia decided to start practicing for Christmas.

With our second employee to be leaving mid September - Cas and I made cupcakes for our next going away party.  The dinosaur sprinkles I picked up went over very well as you can imagine.

Cas and her girlfriends. 
Avalon and Britt flank Cassia of course - with Georgia their mom in pink. Georgia owns the snack shack here at Fintry where Cassia has spent many many hours over the summer. Thanks to these lovely ladies + friend Janette - for taking Cassia under their wings.

September also brought the Fall Fair to the Fintry Manor House lawn. If you recall there were two others over the season - the first on Mother's Day and the second in July. This time Cassia wanted to be a wolf. With Derek and I busy raking sites - Cas was on her own. 
This is a selfie. I've taught her well.

On September 15th Cassia lost her first tooth. Sqwirmy weak stomached mom was glad the whole affair only took a few hours to be complete. 

That day we were headed into town and celebrated Cassia's milestone in addition to 
Derek and I's 13th Anniversary. 

And as of yesterday we have a new member of the family!

Rather than drive the van around for the winter we decided to buy a new to us car. Although it was looking to be a very frustrating process we think we did well finding this Subaru Legacy at a car lot yesterday. Nothing fancy but in good shape and fits what we need. Fairly new winter tires were a bonus.

So - that's that. 

I have to say that it seems a bit odd to be sitting here in a house on September 30th. For the last few years this time of year has meant getting ready for our winter travels south. In fact, this night last year we were at the Home Depot in Omak, Washington. 

But gee this soft sofa with the fireplace going feel pretty darn good!

Starting tomorrow we have 15 days left of work - the Park closes on the 13th - the morning after Thanksgiving here in Canada. After that we have a few days work to get it ready for the winter. 

Although we will be staying here this winter - to know the Wood Clan is to know that we always have some kind of adventures planned. Stay tuned.


Saturday, August 15, 2015


So much for my plan from last month to post only a few pictures more often...... It did sound like a good idea and really - I was committed - but somehow I wasn't able to follow through.

It's been almost two weeks now since the August long weekend and only now do I feel like I'm getting caught up. It has been a busy time - the park has been full (100 sites plus overflow) for the last 18 nights!!!! The height of summer.

Thanks to Landon, I have the tonight off from registering the campers. So - I thought I'd look through iPhoto and see what I had to share.

This is what I found.....

This pic is a few weeks old now. Miss Eagle Eyes spotted this van as it entered the park. There was no way she wasn't getting a closer look. Derek took her for a drive by while I sweet talked the campers into letting us take a picture the next day. Actually, they said it happens all the time. I bet they didn't realize what they were in for that when they rented this van from  
If these European travellers didn't know about Scooby Doo before - they sure do now!

When we were without power after the fire near us a few weeks back we ended up altering our town day from Tuesday to Thursday. The switch finally gave us the chance to check out the Vernon Farmer's Market. 

It's been awhile since we've been to one so we were a little rusty - plus it is huge - a bit overwhelming. We were glad we went as we picked up a ton of fruit but we probably won't return for a while. It's bit much for us to take on in addition to the rest of our errands.

Cassia with her find - thankfully it was naturally flavoured and no - she didn't eat the whole thing.

And now back to our garden. We continue to be trilled with it each day. Our sunflowers really took off in the back garden. To the left are our two tomato plants - lying down! 

We're going to turn into tomatoes ourselves at this rate. Looks like I'll get my chance to try some canning.

They're all gone now but I don't think I've had a chance to show you our corn. In total we had about 12 ears - a good first attempt at growing corn. We are definitely going to increase that for next year.

Sadly, our largest pumpkin that was growing outside of the fence fell victim to a deer. 

Cassia took a picture of our cucumber today.

And the sunflowers in our lettuce/spinach/beet/kale garden. These are the ones that were dropped by birds that we decided to let grow. They look great out the window but are a bit much to traverse while harvesting.

The rose bush we showed you in the spring in the front garden is still going strong. 
Last week one of the blooms had a visitor! 

Our days are always interesting here at the Park. Last week our employees - Avalon and Landon - found this baby Osprey down on the beach.  They brought it up to the cliffs surrounding the park to keep it away from the campground. A day later he showed up on our main road. Derek, Cassia and I headed down to see if we could help him. 

Since he made it into the field we figured we'd let him figure out how to fly on his own. It seems that he left his nest a little unprepared....
We brought him water in case he needed it. 

We did call the Birds of Prey Center but they prefer to let nature take it's course.

Landon and Avalon took him back up and we haven't seen him since. We are thinking the best. 

A nice little message was left in our comment box. 

 We get lots of families at the Park which is nice to see. I love that we can be part of a person's childhood and the camping memories they will one day look back upon.

Last night we had a severe thunderstorm warning but it totally passed us by. Good thing too as they were calling for hail. 

We've been bear free this year at Fintry - as far as we know - until today. I guess our crab apples were  just a bit too tempting. Derek was sent in to take the pictures as Cassia and I stayed by the back door! 

He was BIG - but managed to get himself around the dense bush. 
This was as close as Derek dared go ......

Sadly, the only other news to report are all the fires currently burning in our area. Over the last few days one of our Parks, within our Contractor's bundle - Kettle River Provincial Park burned. We don't know the extent at the moment but the operators and campers had to leave on foot. This park is within the area of Rock Creek wildfire which is un-contained and 2,500+ hectares in size.

All for now.......


Tuesday, July 28, 2015


So - here we are and well - here we are again with pictures of our garden.

We do leave the park once in a while but what really holds our attention when we aren't working is what's in bloom or what's growing or what's ready to eat!

We are finding it hard to believe that it's the end of July with our next camping hurdle is upon us. Derek and I equate our working season to a marathon with the long weekends being the hurdles. The August long - which is British Columbia's Family Day - this Monday - is one of the largest. Summer is in full swing ..... This weekend promises to be very busy especially since after some cool and wet weather we will be back into the heat -- 35C to 38C here in the Okanagan

Here is a picture of one of the amazing poppies we had in our front garden for the last few weeks. 

And the amazing rudbeckia. I showed you them a couple of posts ago but they really grew to impress.

This post was to be full of pictures from our day at the Fintry Estate Summer Fair on July 12th. Unfortunately, Derek and I were too busy working to go but thankfully Cassia was able to attend with friends of ours. I was able to take this picture of Cassia visiting with the Alpacas early in the morning. Cute eh?! Quite the hair cuts.

Last week Cassia's Aunt and Cousins came to visit us for a few days. Here is Cassia with her only cousins - Krysta and Tylar. She was one excited little girl when they arrived. They have the same eyes - right?!

Krysta helping Cassia with strawberry picking. Cas is the designated picker because she is the only one that can get in the cage.

A group photo before they left - Lisa is Derek's lovely sister.

Just as they were leaving we entered into the most exciting event of the summer. A wildfire began on Sunday night about 10 kms south of the Park due to a lightning strike. It was reported to have been contained but by Monday night it had flared up again. This time it took on a life of it's own.

These pictures were taken Tuesday morning when we had strong southern winds.

Although we didn't notice it much smoke wise, for the remainder of the week the fire burned in the end covering 450 hectares. The major issue for us was a week of sporadic electricity and water. For Tuesday and part of Wednesday we had neither electricity nor a cell phone signal. It was a bit strange having no contact with the outside world. 

Thankfully by the end of the week cool wet weather arrived and the crews were able to contain the fire - open the road back up and get the electricity back on line.

For Wednesday and Thursday we felt like we lived in a militarized zone listening to five planes fly by for hours on end. 

So - that was interesting for sure. Our first dealings with a close wild fire. Sadly, they are all to common here in the Okanagan. 

Back to the garden...... our sunflowers are out and doing well. Nice to look out our windows to a bunch of yellow.

Although I really dig the red variety.

Of course they are swarming with bees - I got this shot today. Pretty neat.

And, well, that's all I have for you.

Seemingly all very calm but we are having a crazy ride here at Fintry. Since Derek and I are used to smaller parks the summer has been full of issues and challenges. Thankfully we have a super group of employees - Britt, Avalon and Landon have been stellar - very hardworking and a joy to be around. I'll have to get pictures of them before too long. As well as a great Supervisor and Contractor helping us out and getting our backs.

You won't be hearing from us again until next week as we host our biggest camping party of the summer!


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