Sunday, December 21, 2014


We're not so busy but the place is really starting to fill up! It's hard not to notice that we are heading into the tourist season here in Zihuatanejo. We on the other hand, being homebodies, haven't ventured out since our trip last week to the Humane Society and Commercial Mexicana.

I had to download the camera to see what we have been up to.

I have to keep reminding myself that soon it will be Christmas. For us northerners - even though this is our sixth time celebrating the holidays in the warmth - we still associate this time of year with cold and snow.

My plan for the next post is to show you the signs of Christmas in our neighbourhood - there are a few. Nice that many of the RVs here have Christmas lights - including us  - it makes it very festive.

We haven't shown you the crocodiles lately but they are alive and well. Derek has had much fun picking up the dead fish off the beach and throwing them over the fence. The on lookers get a great show as the crocs crunch them up.

Our second RV Park get together was held last Wednesday. This time hosted by Lulu and George the Mexican campers, although I hear that Lulu had some help with the food. We had an extra few couples for the party including the newest arrivals, Barb and Dale, from Ontario.

Quite the spread - two tables worth!

Cassia decided that she would rather sit with her adoptive grandparents Bill and Jean.

There is a potluck planned for Wednesday night - we are still deciding if we are up to a third RV Park party or not.

Friday night we decided to try another restaurant on the beach.

Taking Rufus along means it takes us a little longer…

There's Martin the waiter from El Manglar - no idea what he was doing on the beach.

For Cassia, the delay only meant more time to spend jumping over the water.

Still quite a few people on the beach - many to take pictures of the sunset.

Including Lulu and George!

We were pretty excited to see that they were releasing turtles at the opposite end of the beach again.

The bucket was empty but a lady was nice enough to give Cassia hers.

Total concentration on the mission.

Good that I got this picture because when that wave came in it took them all out.

Our destination - the restaurant Marisqueria 5 Hermanos. We came here because we had met and befriended two of the waiters on the beach a few weeks ago.

Here they are - Alexandra and Raymond. They are actually from California - well, Alexandra was born and raised there. They are here because of Raymond. 

Sadly, it was not the best experience. We wanted to support our friends but ended up frustrated because the prices were very very high. Part of us just wanted to get up and leave but we didn't feel good about that. So - we ordered a couple of small things but had to swallow - literally - the out of this world drink prices. 

Before we left we thought it only fair to explain the issue to them. Surprisingly - or not - they told us that they knew this and how much of a jerk their boss was because he doesn't listen to the complaints - by other customers and them. He also takes their tips when he can and gives them back 5%. They are looking for another job and we sure hope they find something because this restaurant really shouldn't exist on Playa La Ropa with such steep prices, for mediocre drinks and food and for the exploitation of the staff.

Live and learn - right?

Today, Cassia and I spent much of the morning at the beach, as we did yesterday. Both days Cassia found a Mexican family to spend her time with as I sit back and watch. I figure she spends more then enough time with us - good for a change of scenery - and language. 

For the last few days she has been pleading her case for a bouncy ball - a Christmas present - so she says. 

This is the store of temptation we pass by many times a day. Because they are only open Thursday to Sunday, we figured if we were going to get the ball - today was the day. 

The blue and purple ball is THE one. While Cassia longs for this….

Mom spots this orange mug….. ouch - I know - 100 pesos is a bit high but I just might succumb. Orange is my colour and it would make such a nice memento with the turtle.

They have a ton of knick knacks. It seems there is more each time we go by - most likely because of Christmas.

This is the same place we bought Cassia's dragon.

I have a feeling we'll be dropping some more pesos here by the time we leave.

Since the girls were busy with a few customers, Derek managed to get Cassia's ball out of the net. Pretty reasonable at 20 pesos.


By this afternoon the beach was packed. It is usually busy on Sundays but not like this. Good for Zihuatanejo and the businesses, for us - well, not so much. However I do find people watching fun. The Mexican culture is fascinating to me - and well, the Canadian/America tourists in that culture is also fascinating.

 El Pirata has music on Sundays. It's nice to sit near by and listen.


There's our friend Bernie in the white shirt and jeans dancing up a storm. He and I were dancing in the alley but those pics hit the cutting room floor.

For our parasailing friends - Owner Beto and his group - Manuel, Louis, Obed and Abram it was a brisk business today.

A look back at the packed El Pirata on the left and Rossy's on the right.

So, that's about how it is for us here in Zihuatanejo these days.

Our days aren't very full but there seems to be something happening most of the time. 

Hard to believe that we have been here a month and five days already.

As I am sitting here writing this in the van there is a firework show outside. I ran out to watch the last few. They must be coming from El Centro at the Cancha Municipal since it's Sunday night. Many were lost behind our trees but the last two were huge - gold with red, green and white twinkly lights in the middle.

There is a fireworks show here on New Year's Eve in Zihuatanejo, we are pretty excited about that.


Friday, December 19, 2014


As you may recall, we had befriended an orange kitten in our cul de sac upon arrival here in Zihuatanejo. 

We took to him instantly and called him Whiskers and then Cous Cous. We soon began feeding him and had successfully gotten him over to our side of the street when he disappeared. We knew him for three weeks. Our plan was to trap him and take him to the Humane Society for treatment and then, perhaps, home with us.

During this time, we realized that Zihuatanejo does indeed have a Humane Society, which was really nice to know.

Although our plan to take little Cous Cous is no longer to be, we decided to go downtown and visit the Society last Tuesday.

The Animal Humane Society of Zihuatanejo is located in El Centro right at the Playa Municipal - just down from the Basketball court.

If you make your way through one of the stores you can find this little guy. Also, the daughter of Helene Krebs Posse who started the Society in 1982. 

Here she is talking with Derek. A very lovely store as well.

To the right of the sales counter you will find Humane Society items for sale. We had seen the t-shirts a few weeks before when we were at the Cancha Municipal on a Sunday evening.

Cassia - the proud owner of her own t-shirt. The proceeds of course go to the animals. Derek is going to get one also but they were out of black for now.

In front of the Humane Society they put a couple of cages out to draw attention to the animals and the cause.

We couldn't help but to stop and visit.

We were told that we could visit with the dogs and cats but that the cages were being cleaned so to come back in a half an hour. We decided to go for a coffee out in front. Funny that just as we were sitting down we realized that Keith from our RV Park was there. Keith bicycles everywhere around Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa - that morning he had heard the coffee calling his name on his trip to Playa Linda. 

El Cafecito - has very nice coffee and crepes!

Cassia and I couldn't resist the cream cheese and nutella crepe.

After that we went up to the roof to see the dogs up for adoption.

Now, who could resist that face.

Ha! I didn't notice this at the time. Desperate for attention…..

So cute. Did you know that visitors to Mexico can adopt animals from here to take home. The Humane Society provides the paperwork. We have met many snowbirds in Canada that have adopted dogs in Mexico.

We asked if Cassia could walk the dog out in the cage on the street.

We stopped along the way back to offer up a whole bunch of attention.

He's available!

An action shot - although it's hard to tell. Cassia was running around with the pup.

So, a worthwhile morning for us here in Zihuatanjeo.

We promised to return. The plan is to visit the Humane Society here each week so that we can take one of the puppies for a walk.

We'll get to visit the cats also. We didn't on this trip because the Veterinarian was in doing the spaying and neutering. 

To us, no matter which country - Animal Humane Societies - are a great cause. 

We LOVE animals.


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